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Summer show season begins this weekend!

June 09, 2019 1 Comment

Summer show season begins this weekend!

Bring on the summertime fun! It's show season and what better way to start it off than an Arts Festival on the water, in beautiful Edmonds, WA. The show is Father's Day weekend, Friday, June 14th - Sunday, June 16th. The hours on Friday and Saturday are 10AM to 8 PM, and Sunday hours are 10AM to 5PM. 

Our big news? We are debuting over 15 new products and a brand-new booth made from a limited supply of 100+ year old Skagit Valley barnwood. Our Production and Business Development Manager, and construction guru, Matt, has built beautiful reclaimed wood rustic shelving, a gorgeous new display island, and a custom counter top that is built to beautifully display our signature stackable square bottles. 

For those that have visited us at the Edmonds Festival in the past, there will be lots of new products to check out! The most significant change is the addition of our WLG Pantry and WLG Premium collections. We want to appeal to all levels of home cook, whether just getting your feet wet or honing your master chef skills.

The WLG Pantry line includes our 4 brand new garlic seasoning blends that we think you are going to flip over. We had a blast developing flavors from mild in our Signature Blend, to scorching hot in our Smoldering Blend. And given the popularity of our WLG Pantry - Lime Avocado Oil, we are excited to add both a Lemon and Orange version to the line-up. The great thing about WLG Pantry? It consists of the basics at a lower price than our Classic and Premium collections, so you are always getting a deal when you buy WLG Pantry!

The WLG Premium line has been incredibly fun to expand. Our customers will be familiar with the Premium Balsamic of Modena and the White Truffle & Butter EVOO, but we really felt the need for a couple of non-flavor-infused olive oils that would pair beautifully with our balsamics, or taste exquisite all on their own. For this, we have a fruity EVOO of Chile and a more robust EVOO of California. We are also super excited to introduce the WLG Premium - White Balsamic of Modena, the perfect light summer counterpart to our dark Balsamic of Modena. 

Most intriguing new product? The WLG Premium - White Pearl Sea Salt, an ocean-tumbled hand-harvested beautiful sphere of salty perfection that will satisfy even the most discerning salt critic. I'm a somewhat fanatical lover of salt, easily have over 50 different types in my collection, and I had never seen anything quite like it! As soon as we discovered it, there was no doubt we had to have it. The pearls grind beautifully, or you can add whole smaller spheres to a finished dish for a briny twist. Because this salt is only harvested annually, we have limited quantities until the next harvest. So this would be one to buy/order now if you want to be one of the first to try it!

Our two pyramid sea salts are quite unique in their own way. While they look similar to Maldon salt at first glance, their texture, color, and structure bring something new to the table. The WLG Premium - White Pyramid Sea Salt flakes are larger and deeper set, with a mild delicate flavor and a big crunch. The WLB Premium - Pink Pyramid Sea Salt, while the same shape as the white version, crumbles more easily between your fingers, allowing you to manage the level of coarseness as you sprinkle over your food.

We have added back the Tropical White Balsamic Vinegar for summer, and have two new dark Balsamics; a Manadarin & Fig and a Bordeaux Cherry & Black Walnut. We heard our customers loud and clear - they missed the Fig & Tangerine Balsamic from previous years. So, when we discovered one of the components of the recipe was no longer available, we put our thinking caps on. There are several delicious orange citrus fruits out there, so we started experimenting and came up with a very similar flavor profile in the Mandarin & Fig. As for the Bordeaux Cherry & Black Walnut Balsamic, I can't even explain how easy this one came about. It had us at first taste. Come sample it at the show and I think you'll know what we mean!

We are so excited to share all of these fun changes/additions with our customers and can't wait to see you in Edmonds!

Cheers...and remember to always cook with abandon!


Owner and CCO (Chief Culinary Officer)

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October 23, 2019

Love this narrative!!!!…… Wish I could come to the show…….. be sure and send out pictures of your new display!!!!!!!!!!!! J

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