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They say that timing is everything, and when it comes to my Walden Lane journey, that couldn't ring more true. When I heard in early 2018 that the current owner was retiring, I knew it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. As a die-hard customer for over a decade, and having just recently left a 20-year career in tech, I figured what the heck...what a perfect time to follow my passion. With a business background and a profound love of all things food, this was an ideal match! I became the owner of Walden Lane Gourmet at the end of August 2018. I soon realized the enormity of the challenge ahead of me...starting with building a brand new commercial kitchen.

Coincidentally, my cousin, Matt, was visiting from the Midwest right about the time I needed some construction expertise. As luck would have it, his background was in construction and the restaurant industry. Not only did he stick around for the completion of the kitchen, but he is still here several months later, an integral part of the Walden Lane Gourmet team and helping to realize my vision of big things to come! 

I am extremely grateful for family and friends that helped me get this business off the ground; and for the founders of Walden Lane Gourmet, Ardell and Jill, and their commitment to using only the best quality naturally gluten free ingredients, hours upon hours of recipe experimentation, and their knack for combining unique and distinct gourmet flavors, all while developing a brand that is beautiful to display in your kitchen. And most important, thanks to all of our great customers for their patience during our relaunch.

I am so excited about finally getting these products back on the online "shelf"! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and/or follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates. We can't wait to offer you new products, recipe ideas, and more in the years to come!

Cheers...and remember to always cook with abandon!

Lisa Liefke

Owner & CCO (Chief Culinary Officer)

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