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wlg premium

WLG Premium - Pink Pyramid Sea Salt

*New Packaging!* They're here! Our beautiful new Italian-imported Signature Square Jars have arrived. They hold even more of our delicious product and their wide-mouth design is the perfect size for pinching a bit of salt or seasoning directly from the jar. These replace our previous hexagon-shaped glass jars.


This briny salt of the sea in a delicate pink pyramid shape is as unique as it is delicious. The geometric structure of our WLG Premium Pink Pyramid Sea Salt is beautiful sprinkled as whole flakes on a finished dish, or equally as pleasing crushed between your fingers for a finer dusting. Harvested from salt mines and 100% natural, it is comprised of trace minerals and other natural elements that are responsible for its pale pink hue.

If you are new to the world of finishing salts, old-fashioned “table” salt doesn’t hold a candle to the real artisan salt experience. Instead of thinking of salt as another ingredient you throw into a recipe, salt should be layered into your food. This means you should be lightly salting whatever you are cooking in stages, and different salts are better for different stages. While you might use a somewhat fine sea salt to cook with, our Pink Pyramid Sea Salt is a great way to finish your dish. Once your food is ready to serve, just sprinkle on a generous amount. Elevate fresh mozzarella with a dusting of the salt, sprinkle on finished risotto to add texture, or add to any cooked meat, fish, or veggie dish to enhance their flavors. This would even be fantastic on your next salted caramel dessert! However you choose to use this salty delight, we promise it will be love at first bite!

Ingredients: Sea salt

All Natural & Gluten free

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