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wlg premium

WLG Premium - Black Pyramid Sea Salt

*New Packaging!* They're here! Our beautiful new Italian-imported Signature Square Jars have arrived. They hold even more of our delicious product and their wide-mouth design is the perfect size for pinching a bit of salt or seasoning directly from the jar. These replace our previous hexagon-shaped glass jars.

Deep within the waters of the Mediterranean, a delicate, yet crunchy, sea salt is harvested for its quality flavor and unique triangular structure. These beautiful Egyptian-like pyramids of white flaky salt are then combined with activated charcoal for a culinary experience like no other. Not only does this 100% natural sea salt contain health-benefiting trace minerals, but the addition of activated charcoal brings a unique twist to the table. People have used this byproduct (derived from burned coconut shells, in this case) for hundreds of years, due to its ability to rid the body of toxins, as well as numerous other health benefit claims.

While we can’t claim that our salt is going to cure your ailments, we can assert that the combination of sea salt and activated charcoal is transformative for the taste buds. Our WLG Premium – Black Pyramid Sea Salt pairs particularly well with a perfectly cooked steak, adds colorful crunch to a crisp salad, elevates a simple pan of roasted vegetables to new heights, and adds just the right gourmet touch to any dish. The best part? The mild brininess isn't overpowering, so you can use it rather liberally without over-salting your food. Our Black Pyramid Sea Salt makes a great gift and a fun conversation starter at your next dinner party.

Ingredients: Sea salt, activated charcoal

All Natural & Gluten free

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