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wlg premium

WLG Premium - Full-Bodied & Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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When we set out to find premium olive oils that could stand on their own, it was extremely important that we only consider real-deal extra virgin olive oil; olive oil from a reputable source, strict quality standards, and accreditation and/or certification capability. After months of searching, we found it!

Our WLG Premium Fully-Bodied & Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a flavor bomb to the senses, with notes of freshly cut grass, mild and meaty green olives, and the slightest tingle of peppercorn. The aroma alone explains why olive oil was used as perfume in ancient times, and why we continue to use it's aromatic properties to add alluring scent and flavor to our foods. Upon tasting this extra virgin olive oil, you will notice the thick buttery mouthfeel, the "green" olive pungency, the peppery notes as you swallow, and a pleasant bitterness that lingers on the back of the tongue.

This oil is for the discerning and refined palate, someone who embraces a more robust olive oil with which to accentuate their food. We can't think of anything more simple or more delicious than a beautiful artisan baguette dipped into this delectable oil. Or imagine a wood-fired margarita pizza with a drizzle of this on top. This is not the oil you reach for when cooking. This is the oil you reach for when adding that finishing touch to the perfect pasta dish, salad, soup, and more. For a real treat, thinly slice prime-quality rare beef tenderloin and top with arugula, shaved parmesan, a few capers, and a drizzle of our WLG Premium Full-Bodied & Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the perfect carpaccio. Bon Appetit!

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil of Chile

All Natural & Gluten Free

*Note* We love that our customers have discerning tastes; therefore, we are committed to carrying at least one Full-Bodied & Robust EVOO and one Smooth & Fruity EVOO at any given time. Due to regional olive oil production, flavor, and availability varying from year to year, our selection of non-flavor-infused extra virgin olive oils will vary as well. 


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