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Pear White Balsamic Vinegar

Nothing says fall like the scent of roasting pears wafting through the house. Add a little cinnamon and toasted walnuts with a drizzle of this balsamic for a sweet and spicy treat just begging to be paired with vanilla ice cream. 

Don't be tempted to only pull this out for dessert! This delicate vinegar is delectable on a cheese plate, especially paired with a creamy blue. Or, combine with olive oil for a classic salad of winter greens, candied pecans, and dried tart cherries. Try something new by combining with our Madras Curry Blend for a curried pear chutney to use on poultry or pork for your holiday festivities. And wow your guests with a simple but impressive appetizer by wrapping arugula, fresh figs, and goat cheese in prosciutto and finishing with a drizzle of this unique balsamic creation.

Ingredients: White balsamic vinegar, natural pear flavor. Contains naturally occurring sulfites. Gluten Free 

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