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Herbed Porcini Mushroom Blend

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If you are a lover of all things mushroom, this spice blend will quickly become a pantry staple. It's analogous to capturing the aroma and flavors that develop in a large pan of sauteing mushrooms and garlic, and then shrinking them down into sprinkle-sized culinary gems. Even if you aren't a big fan of mushrooms, this just might be the seasoning that will change your mind.

This versatile blend can be rubbed into any protein prior to grilling, with the special ability to take even tofu to full carnivorous status. Add to a favorite meaty pasta dish, such as lasagna or ravioli, or blend with our Garlic & Mushroom Olive Oil to take sauteed mushrooms to a whole new level of earthy flavor nirvana. The finer texture of this blend also makes for a great finishing salt for wood-fired pizzas, hearty green salads, or a platter of mixed grilled veggies. 

Ingredients: Porcini mushrooms, black pepper, sea salt, garlic, thyme, other spices

Gluten free

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