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sea salts & dusts

WLG Premium - White Pyramid Sea Salt

For all of you salt connoisseurs out there, you might think this is the popular English Maldon salt at first glance; however, once you pick up and taste, you will quickly see that the pyramid shape is where the similarities end. With larger crystals, a deeper pyramid structure, and more crunch, this salt is both a bold statement on a dish and possesses an unexpected delicate flavor. The all-natural salt is hand-harvested in Boliva from the largest salt flat in the world where it is shaped by Mother Nature.

We love the versatility of this salt; you can simply sprinkle as-is on a finished entrée or crush between your fingers to your desired coarseness. Any red sauce, whether pizza or spaghetti, will benefit from the perfect balance of brininess and crunch. Add to your next egg dish, whether scrambled, fried, or hard-boiled, for a breakfast upgrade. Or shower any protein, whether lamb, chicken, or beef, to bring out more of the meat’s natural depth of flavor. This salt lends itself particularly well to holiday fare, given its resemblance to snowflakes blanketing your magnificent meal, and because of its delicate flavor, it is great in baked treats as well!

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